Jun 072016

Novavax Conference Call

BIOINVEST Access to Management Webinar –  Novavax (NVAX)– We are pleased to announce another BioInvest “Access to Management Call.” Below is the link to the recorded  webinar presentation with the Senior Management Team of Novavax.

Novavax Senior Management

Stan Erck, Chief Executive Officer
Greg Glenn, Chief Medical Office
Buck Phillips, Chief Financial Office
John Trizzino, Head of Commercial Operations
Andrea Flynn, Associate Director, Investor Relations


Bioinvest began holding “Access to Management Calls” for subscribers in 2015, at least once a quarter. The format of the call will include a brief Corporate update and pipeline summary, followed by Q&A.

“Access to Management Calls” will be concise and focus on key investment highlights and upcoming events. Access will be limited to MTSL Subscribers and will be archived at www.bioinvest.com.