Nov 202013


The new and improved web portal for the award-winning Medical Technology Stock Letter.  This website gives subscribers to the Medical Technology Stock Letter timely information and analysis so you can make savvy and well-informed investment decisions about the biotechnology industry and the companies we follow.


BioInvest focuses on the most important topics, trends and therapies affecting the biotech sector and the MTSL portfolio.  BioInvest is organized so you can access relevant company information easily and find relevant information about R&D pipelines and clinical trials.  Our CEO summaries provide our unique perspective on their leadership skills and track record.

Stay Current

Staying abreast of current biotechnology news and events is critical to successful investing.  Subscribers receive timely e-mail alerts of the latest and upcoming MTSL company catalysts.  Our event calendar lists the relevant corporate and scientific presentations and FDA actions that drive investor sentiment and stock action.


The goal of BioInvest and the MTSL is to help subscribers profit from our recommendations.  Our approach is not muddled in abstraction.  We are uniquely well-positioned to reduce often complex data to simple concepts and outcomes.

To account for the volatility and risk associated with all biotech stocks, we use a disciplined approach to our investment style. We set BUY LIMITS and TARGET PRICES for every company in our letter.  For example, we originally recommended Pacira Pharmaceuticals at $15.78 in October 2012.   Our TARGET PRICE for PCRX is $30 per share, but our BUY LIMIT is $20 per share. We will still like PCRX stock if it happens to rise above $20, but may not advise making new purchases at that level.  The market usually provides us with several opportunities to invest at prices below our BUY LIMIT.

A Valuable, User-Friendly Approach To Investing In Biotechnology

With more than 25 years of experience each, the analysts at Bioinvest have dedicated their careers to evaluating and understanding the dynamics of the biotech industry and identifying the next generation of successful companies. The new Medical Technology Stock Letter and the redesigned BioInvest website are valuable tools for today’s discerning investor.

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