Jim McCamant


Editor at large of the Medical Technology Stock Letter since the mid-1980s, James McCamant uses his experience to provide a broad and deep overview of this exciting juncture of science and commerce.

In his book, Biotech Investing: Every Investor’s Guide, Jim McCamant focuses on why he thinks, from an investor’s perspective, that now is such a propitious time to get into the market. Chapters cover a history of the field, how to invest, a state-of-the-art summary of biotechnology, patents and the clinical review process, and the future of biotechnology.

Pharmaceutical companies, as opposed to strictly research companies, are particularly well situated to benefit from biotech advances, as they have both the research infrastructure and the capital to last through the long and expensive process of clinical studies. McCamant also includes a chapter on his investment philosophy that is succinct, logical, and itself worth the price of the book.